• GTConnect – The light in the USB modem continues to flash and doesn’t turn solid blue after a few minutes

    At first you have to check that the mobile signal strength isn’t weak or there simply are no signal in this area. You can check this by using the signal strength indicator on your mobile phone.  If the signal strength is good and stable, the problem can be that the network access is not granted. Please check out that the SIM card in the USB modem is PIN-code fee.


    One last thing that can be an issue is, if the APN settings are incorrect (GTConnect do not match the settings required by the SIM card Service Provider).


    Please contact the GTO Support and we can change the settings for you.

  • GTConnect – The light in the coordinator continues flashing green

    The problem can be, that the access to the Service Provider’s internet is not granted. Check that your ISP/mobile broad band subscription is valid, otherwise contact the GTO Support team.

  • GTSensor 1.0 and 2.0 – The indicator light flashes red

    This means that the sensor isn’t connected to the Zigbee network. At first check out, that the network status of the GTConnect and/or GTLink is stable.

    Physical changes at the facility can create signals barriers. Try to test the signal by moving towards the nearest GTLink or GTConnect with the sensor and push the “Test key” to see when you obtain an acceptable signal strength.

  • GTSensor 1.0 and 2.0 – The sensor doesn’t show any indicator light or respond to pressing ON/OFF or Reset

    This indicates that the battery is empty and should be replaced.

  • GTSensor 1.0 and 2.0 – The sensor sends alerts repeatedly without being triggered by heat and movement

    The sensor may be short circuited by water or damaged. Pleas replace the sensor with a new one.

  • GTLink – The light flashes green

    This can either means that the Zigbee network is not active or that the GTLink can’t connect to the network.

    Check the status of the GTConnect. If the box is connected to the network, try to reposition the GTLink or add an extra to enhance the signal.

  • GTLink – There are no indicator lights

    Check that the switching power supply is firmly plugged in and that the power is on.

    If the GTLink is still not working, try use a spare Link to see if is broken. You can also try using alternate power supply such as a battery pack to determine whether there the power supply or the GTLink is defect.

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